Hello, my name is Kajzh Hamm — or more simply, Kajzh. For those hip on the International Phonetic Alphabet, it’s pronounced [Kɑ:ʒ] — but for the rest of us, it’s just easier to say it’s one syllable and rhymes with Taj (Mahal), collage, mirage, and decoupage. I am one of the nation’s leading crochet hook (instant lock) specialists and a registered Sisterlocks® consultant.

I have been caring for clients’ locks for more than a half decade. My clients span every race, age group, and hair type. I have expertise in starting, maintaining, and extending permanent locks, as well as synthetic and temporary options. What makes my professional perspective unique is my background education in chemistry, which heavily informs the products and care regimens I recommend to my clients.

I started developing Brambleroots in April 2014 as a way to better-manage my small — but growing — audience of 8,000 subscribers, for whom I had personally answered more than 2,000 questions. The Brambleroots knowledgebase is intended to be an educational outlet for locked hair care pertaining to all hair types, where people can learn the history of locked hair, browse through various starting methods, and get professional answers to their biggest questions.

Launched January 16, 2017, this particular site is a new iteration of my past social media projects involving locked hair education, with more robust, up-to-date information than ever before.

While I would never give advice I wouldn’t follow myself, for liability purposes, let it be known that you follow advice on this site at your own risk. What you learn here cannot supplant the advice of licensed medical professionals, so please consult a doctor if you have acute/chronic conditions such as inflammation or sores.