How to deodorize musty locks

“Mildew” is a word some use to refer to the early stages of mold. “Wet towel smell” is a common indicator of mildew, but never fear — it’s very common and very, very easy to get rid of. Mold is both pH-sensitive and heat-sensitive. According to Ohio State University, most molds cannot survive above 140°F/60°C. Some websites report that application of typical 5% white vinegar kills 82% of mold species. The acid of vinegar’s pH purportedly disfigures the proteins in […]

How to condition your locks

Soft, moisturized hair is hair that is hydrated — and water is the only thing that can do that. (Contrary to popular belief, oil does not hydrate hair on its own.) So the key to conditioning your hair is finding ways to attract moisture to your hair strands and encourage it to stay in the cortex.

Methods of drying locks

Ensuring that your hair dries fully in a day’s time is vital for ensuring that mold doesn’t develop. Each person has a different way of making sure that happens. Some people like air drying. Some blow dry. Some hood dry. Some even dry their hair halfway with a dryer, then air dry the rest. Whatever method you use, the important part is that your locks aren’t wet for too long. Locks that are kept perpetually damp ultimately run a higher risk […]

Partial lock care guide

Want just one, two, or a few locks started among your brushable hair, rather than a full head of knots? You’re not alone! General questions about partial placements for locks are among Brambleroots’ most frequently received questions. Here is a basic care guide for people who are interested in this kind of setup. Click on the tabs below for tips regarding how to wash, dry, separate, maintain, and even remove partial locks. A list of pros and cons regarding partial lock […]