Depending on your hair type and the method used, it can take anywhere from one hour to several days.

For instance, folks with tightly coiled or kinky hair types may go to a loctician with quick hands and good technique. In this case, it is possible to set up twists or comb coils in less than an hour.

It takes more manual labor to knot straight, wavy, and loosely curled hair. It can take 15 minutes to create each lock via the crochet hook method — or more depending on your experience and the length of your hair. Backcombing may take less time because it takes less handwork.

People who choose the freeform method of creating locks don’t spend any time starting. The friction and motion of everyday life allows the hair to create knots on its own without manual intervention. However, it can take more than three years for the locks to fully mature with this method.