How often can I wash my locks?

How often can I wash my locks?

Some people prefer frequent washing and some prefer less. However, it is imperative to wash hair that needs to be washed. How often that is depends on a few factors, including how much oil your scalp naturally produces, if you exercise, what kind of debris from your daily routine sticks to your hair, and even the weather!

For instance, if you exercise daily, you may have to wash your hair every day as well. Spraying a fragrance on your head only hides the problem and can cause buildup along the way. Washing when your hair needs to be washed is important and always good for your locks, even if that does mean washing every day.

Everyone is unique, so while some people wash multiple times a week, some people may only wash one or twice a month. However, there are some guidelines for knowing when your hair is needing to be washed:

  • When your head itches, and you get yellowy stuff under your nails
  • When your head starts to smell less than fragrant
  • When you sweat all day long
  • When you get pollen, cotton, dirt, sand, dust, or sawdust in your hair
  • When you simply think you need to wash your hair — intuition can guide you!

If you don’t have anything barring your from washing your hair, we encourage you doing so for general hair health reasons. However, some people don’t wash their hair because of spiritual beliefs, disabilities, or other personal reasons. Each person is in charge of their own body, and that’s okay!

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