How often should I apply product to make my hair lock?

How often should I apply product to make my hair lock?

Brambleroots does not strongly advocate the use of commercial holding products (e.g., gels, pomades, creams) in locks. If you choose to use products in your locks, try to use a little product as possible, and use it as infrequently as possible. However, beware to never use wax.

Hair will knot on its own; product is not required to make it lock. Therefore, there are no “shoulds” in its application, and using product is completely optional. There is an implicit risk in using products, because some can cause permanent buildup.

Tightly coiled and kinky hair types may sometimes benefit from product in maintenance, but it is not at all necessary. Looser curl patterns tend to benefit less, because it is less necessary.

No matter the hair type, though, using product in a set of locks will always make removing them more difficult. So if you plan to brush your locks out in the future, consider starting an maintaining your hair without products.

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