Lock extensions are a nice way to make your locks appear longer and skip the awkward short phase where it’s difficult to style your hair.

They can be made from human hair or from synthetic hair. Human hair is more expensive, but it is lighter and locks up more similarly to your own hair. Synthetic hair is cheaper, but it is heavier than human hair.

Human hair extensions can usually be bleached and/or colored (though some are so chemically treated that you cannot), but synthetic hair cannot be dyed or altered in color at all. This means you will have to remove synthetic extensions if you’d like to change the color.

Lock extensions can be installed to the ends of locks as soon as Day 1 when a skilled professional adds them to your hair. However, adding them this early in the process can necessitate more frequent maintenance sessions in the beginning stages of your locks.

If you want to add extensions on your own, consider letting your locks mature for 3-6 months before adding the extensions. This lets your hair mature to give the extensions a sturdier anchor to hold onto. Otherwise, extensions added to a weak anchor may slip and fall out — sometimes when you’re out in public! Install at your own risk.